New Interactive Park Map

We have the newest map that includes the new section of trails ready for you to use. 

This new map, available through CartoTracks, is a whole ‘nother kind of map – designed to work on a mobile device with a magic blue dot showing your location on the map using GPS instead of cell signal!

The new map of the Kansas Rocks Park is now available for download through here:

Make sure you download the app “PDF-Maps” first to your device from the app store (App is free) and then follow the instructions above to download the map.

This map will work on your device without cell signal as long as you get it downloaded before you lose signal.

You can help the park because part of the proceeds go directly to the park. Get your personal K-Rock map NOW!!!

You can also advertise on this new map, both on the mobile device and on the hard copies. Email to find out how. [email protected].