4x4 Off-Roading Activities & Events

Park Closed

The park will be closed from February 1st -25th. We are getting ready for the new wheeling season, starting with Frostbite on February 26th! See you at Frostbite!

Adopt-A-Trail Work Day

Our AAT groups take a day to show pride in their park and help out with some trail maintenance.

May 7th and Sept 9 Trail Adopters help with trail maintenance today. Come out and meet your fellow off-roaders for a day of trail maintenance and wheeling. You will meet members of off-road clubs from Kansas, Missouri, Nebraska during this giving back event!

Sign in at registration booth from 8:00 -9:30 a.m. Trail maintenance starts at 8:30 a.m.

Kanrocks Night Run

Our Night Runs start at 7:00 pm and runs to Midnight. It only cost an additional $5 on top of the regular day fee. Come feel the difference between daylight wheeling and doing it in the dark. We generally schedule a night run during a full moon so you will have a little light to wheel by. This year we have May 14, July 9 and Nov 5 scheduled for night runs.