UTV’s and SXS’s

UTV/SxS’s, recently we have had many instances where we have witnessed and has been reported that SxS riders are not adhering to the rules of the park.

Most notably, consuming alcohol, throwing cans out in the park, and cutting their own trails and creating bypasses that are not marked trails. It is your responsibility to learn how to wheel properly, protect the park and obey the rules. We have all these things in place to help sustain our park for the long term and for people to enjoy. We will leave it up to your groups to begin self-policing on these items. This is NOT a go-fast park and it is NOT a park that you can just go anywhere you want to, and it is not a park you can get drunk and tear things up. If this behavior does not stop, we will make other decisions to protect our park. Thank you for your adherence to the rules.