Mountain Biking / Trail Riding

Mountain Biking and Trail Riding

Mountain Bike trails are continually being built at Kansas Rocks Park. The trails being are developed are only one of 2 legal Free-ride Mountain Bike Trails on publicly accessed land in the state of Kansas. Free-ride mountain bike trails have man made obstacles, wooden stunts, jumps, and drop offs to make them more challenging and exciting to ride. A dirt jump area is also available to test your skills.

Even though the trails are still in development, there are plenty of single track and shared trails to ride. The long term plan is to have a network of integrated free-ride and single track mountain bike trails with options for all skill levels of riders, and to maintain the dirt jump/skills area in the front of the park by the office. There are also over 60 shared trails that encompass the entire park.

As the maximum speed in the park is 5 MPH, sharing a trail is no problem. Check the website for updates, pictures, and a trail map (coming soon).